Time and Space and its Contents 160X80cm Diptych


Abstract Painting  – Abstract Art
Technique: Acrylic paint, mixed media paints and collage elements on canvas;
Size:Width: 63″(160cm) x Height: 31.5″ (80cm)xDepth:0.8″(2cm)
The painting is ready to hang
Signed on back and with a certificate of authenticity

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Artwork created by Cornelia Petrea on canvas.

Acrylic painting 
These paintings were created in 2012. 
Type of these paintings is abstract and the materials used are acrylic paint, mixed media paints and collage elements on canvas stretched on a wooden frame.
The piece is about our perception and interpretation of space in terms of the cosmic and the relative present. “Time and Space and its Contents” is inspired by the stars and night sky. Created using acrylic, enamel and metallic pigments, this piece is very contemporary and makes a bold statement. 

The sides are finished and the work comes ready to hang.

Cornelia Petrea’s official website: www.corneliagallery.com – You will find here all the paintings from my Art-Collection .

All rights reserved –Cornelia Petrea Paintings– This is an original work of art created by the artist himself and may not be reproduced without written consent of the artist. The artist retains copyright for self-promotion. This artwork is sold on different platforms.